How to Build Income for Life, and Achieve Your Financial Freedom

If a Janitor Can Use this Powerful Skill to Compound Wealth… So Can You

Ronald Read worked as a gas attendant, later on as a janitor for JC Penney.

When he died at 92 years old, his family found he had amassed $8 million. And owned at least 95 stocks.

Ronald Read owned blue-chips – including P&G, JPM Chase, GE and Dow Chemical.

These businesses not only paid dividends (even after his death), his patience gave him years of compounded growth.

And you know what? He wasn’t even working on Wall Street.

What struck me about Ronald Read was:

  • He spread his investments across sectors: railroads, utility, banks, healthcare etc.
  • When dividends came in, he plowed them back into more shares
  • He led a simple life – doesn’t let investing complicate his life
  • He had the control to hold stocks for the long term
  • He was frugal (drove a used Toyota car)
  • He bought stocks that paid dividends
  • He invested what was familiar

It’s these simple ideas that compound our wealth, build the relationships we want, and live a life we desire. 

That it’s about patience, discipline and effort.

How to Break Away from the Crowd?

Not many people know this: Ronald Read invested for both capital AND dividends.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he focused on companies that paid generous dividends, which he would reinvest into purchasing additional stock. 

He bought durable businesses with a strong competitive advantage at sensible prices.

Then, he held them for the long term, compounded his wealth year after year. 

This allowed him to become a quiet, multi-millionaire. 

I cannot promise you’ll become a Ronald Read.

But I can promise you’ll be part of a small group of investors who can make better investment decisions, grow your capital and dividends year after year.

In fact, a Citi Group research also proved adding income from dividends and reinvested dividend significantly outperformed stocks that don’t pay dividends over the last 16 years

Credit: Citigroup Research

The thing is, when you buy durable businesses, their shares not only continue to outperform, they also pay out consistent income for shareholders.

This is also a hallmark of strong business excellence. 

What’s more, dividend make up 90% of total returns in the stock market. 

And this is why I want to share the power of dividend growth investing…

How to Build Your Monster Dividend Portfolio Investing Bootcamp

“Highly recommended for anyone interested in dividend investing”

"The BYMDP Investing bootcamp surpassed my expectations. Willie was knowledgeable and engaging, covering a breadth of topics with clarity and real-world examples. Practical applications and a supportive environment enhanced the learning experience. I gained valuable insights and strategies for my investment portfolio. Highly recommended for anyone interested in dividend investing. Grateful to the Willie and fellow participants for this enriching experience."
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Wish I hard learned this 25 years ago."
Fook Loong
BYMDP Cohort 1

What You’ll Get Out From this Investing Bootcamp

"The BYMDP Investing Bootcamp served to equip me with the essential knowledge to identity & address the data & information from the companies that I wish to successfully invest into. This included key lessons shared by globally renown business leaders. Willie shared & walked us through relevant financial statements over varied periods & changing circumstances which impact our interpretation of data & need to develop individual gut feel or judgement call. I found Willie true to his calling to educate us."
Terence Lee
"First and foremost, really appreciated for the opportunity joining this bootcamp. It helps (really really a lot) - in terms of psychologically and mentality, and equipped us with the essentials knowledge to deal with dividend growth investing. Willie is a lovely and knowledgeable tutor, and I'd enjoy the whole journey. The building blocks are interesting. The valuation method, way of quick analysis on the financial position, sound analysis to the business moat and the fair explanation with the fact clear most of the doubts. Will continue my long life learning from Willie. Highly recommended and do enjoy it!"
Todd Lee
Quantity Surveyor
"I benefited from his bootcamp and would say that Willie really put in his best knowledge to share with us the fundamentals to build up the dividend portfolio. It is worth a lot of money definitely. I strongly recommend anyone to consider joining the bootcamp."
Jonson Ng
BYMDP Cohort 1

“I’m really lost and fearful due to uncertainties…”

That’s what one of my readers used to say.

Over the years, I hear frustrations from many investors experiencing the same thing. 

Can you relate to any of them?

“It is definitely worth the value.”

"After attending BYMDP Bootcamp I feel more confident in selecting stocks for my long term dividend income portfolio. The 2 weeks Bootcamp was a great experience where Willie shared examples of real case studies, and he even extended the session for Q&A. The overall experience for the Bootcamp was great, regardless for an amateur or beginner investors, and it is definitely worth the value."
William Tan
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Organised, simple and easy to understand and follow with useful readily available tools!"
Tan Seng Cheun
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Great bootcamp for anyone who wants to start learning the foundation of investing. Willie has made investing simple which might seem complex and scary to anyone who wants to start investing."
BYMDP Cohort 1

How He Saved and Invest, Quit the Rat Race and Achieved Financial Independence

Hi, my name is Willie Keng

In 2018, I quit the rat race.

I was an associate director of a prestigious private bank, got my CFA charterholder and was earning a good 6-figure income.

But somehow deep down inside, something was missing. I was uncomfortable with the rigid structure and politics of banking.

Knowing myself as a quiet worker, I realized the harder I worked, the more burnt out I got. My face would look crumpled, back shoulders tense and sometimes, I didn’t even dare look at my work phone. Some nights before I sleep, I get heart palpitations and sweaty palms.

The toughest thing about this was I loved financial markets, yet I knew I couldn’t survive the corporate world.

The truth was, I felt I was always exchanging my time away for a paycheck.

On the side, I kept saving and investing (this saved my life). When I knew I was financially secure with a comfortable 6-figure portfolio, I left.

Today, I’m a full-time investor, grew a financial blog to more than 30,000 readers a month, been invited to speak at conferences (Singapore Exchange, Invest Fair, REIT Symposium), featured on news media (Channel News Asia, Yahoo! Finance, CNA938 Live, MoneyFM89.3) and became a regular radio guest host.

Along the way, I’ve also launched investing courses…

And helped more than 240+ of my Diligence community members grow their portfolios (some up to $100k dividends).

More importantly, I finally fulfilled my personal mission to help my mom build a retirement portfolio.

I enjoy what I do – choosing how I want to spend my life and time. And not get beholden by a big organization.

Now, I want to share my BIGGEST takeaway in this journey…

No one looks after your money better than yourself.

How I Invest for Dividends

In fact, last year I’ve kickstarted a smaller portfolio (to scratch my “itchy backside”) dedicated to a dividend growth strategy.

The strategy is simple:

  1. Accumulate good dividend growers with a durable economic moat at a reasonable price
  2. Sit on my hands and do nothing
I won’t say I’ve beaten the stock market or have outperformed my peers who had better returns in “growth stocks. But I’m contented to compound at a return that’s comfortable for me.
That’s all it matters for a dividend investor.
You run your own race.

Credit: My Smaller Portfolio

What You’ll Exactly Learn in Each Module

Module 1: How to Operate Like A Business Owner in Stock Investing

  • Why dividend growth investing can help to build wealth safely and profitably

  • What’s the right mindset to long-term investing

  • How to take advantage of Double Compounding for long-term profits

  • Where to find crucial financial data from annual reports

Module 2: How to Assess High-Quality Dividend Compounders (Financial Statement Analysis)

  • A step-by-step process on how to spot quality high-quality dividend stocks

  • Identify 3 key trends in a stock for steady capital and dividend growth

  • How to “Copy & Paste” crucial financial data to quickly filter high-quality companies

  • Learn quantitative ratios and formula to evaluate a business strength

Module 3: How to Evaluate the Best Types of Business Models and Economic Moats (Qualitative Analysis)

  • Assess the 5 key economic moats from financials that protect earnings power

  • Learn different revenue models and how business make money

  • How to measure a company’s Debt Repayment to avoid bad businesses

  • How to evaluate a company’s management performance from financials 

Module 4: Advanced Dividend Strategies to Maximize Returns and Yield 

  • Learn the power of shareholders’ yield that drive stock market performance

  • The DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) strategy and how to use it

  • How to avoid potential dividend traps

  • How to pick potential high-yield dividend stocks that pay steady income

Module 5: How to Value a Dividend Stock to Determine the “Right Price Tag”

  • How to value a business using true intrinsic value calculation (DCF)

  • Learn market multiple models: dividend yield method, P/E and P/B ratio

  • What’s my preferred valuation calculation for different scenarios

  • How to evaluate future dividend potential for high-growth companies

Module 6: How to Build Your Own Monster Dividend Portfolio

  • How much stocks to buy (asset allocation)

  • How often to buy each month strategy

  • How much cash to keep in a portfolio

  • How to control risk and exploit “stock switch” strategies during market crashes

  • Learn yield pick-up tactics to optimize portfolio yield

  • How to start investing with $10k, $100k and $500k capital (diversification plans)

Note: I’m still updating new content into the modules. All modules come with the latest case studies and checklists.

“There were also a good variety of companies and markets…”

"This bootcamp was great for people like me with barely any investment knowledge or time to get it, as it was a rapid kickstart to dividend investing. I particularly enjoyed the case studies, tools and homework (even if I had no time to do them) as it really helped me to start looking at companies with a more critical technical eye, while also including some fundamentals and macro knowledge. There were also a good variety of companies and markets, local SG, HK, US etc, so you could understand the differences and potential yields. Willie was also a great teacher, loved his tone, pace and teaching style. Always ready to take questions, did his best to show up early and stay late. Hallmarks of someone who truly enjoys teaching. Hope there are more courses like this in the future to help us noobs get more comfortable with investing."
Shawna Tan
BYMDP Cohort 1
"From the bootcamp, I learn some tools to evaluate companies that will help me in to have a better understanding about the company to invest in. The good thing about the boot camp is the explanation is clear and simple to understand. So recommend everyone who wants to understand how to invest better to join."
Mery Tan
BYMDP Cohort 1
"I definitely can invest with more confidence now with the tools that I was taught Willie is sincere and share very good case study."
Fiona Tan
BYMDP Cohort 1

This is most suitable for you, IF:

“I used to buy shares based on friend’s recommendations, now I can do my own assessment.”

"Even as a novice, I am solely gaining confidence to try dividend investing through Willie’s patient guidance and clear explanations. I used to buy shares based on friend’s recommendations, now I can do my own assessment :) Highly recommended for beginners seeking to build a solid financial foundation."
Belinda Chew
BYMDP Cohort 1
"I am a total beginner when it comes to investing and feel that this bootcamp equipped me with the baseline knowledge that can help kick start my journey. Willie was patient in explaining the technical terms and also generous is his sharing of personal experience. Thank you Willie!"
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Willie's lessons are clear and easy to understand. Honestly, I think he is one of the few I have been looking for his night classes. There are so much to learn from him."
CY Chow
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Extracting the relevant financial information from companies has been a challenge, with the guidance and demonstration of tools this has been made so much easier. Willie talked through every example and every step of info collection very slowly and clearly, demonstrated in front of our eyes and kept us engaged before helping us to make our own conclusion. I like the build up of content from module 1 - 6. I much appreciate the timing in evenings, otherwise I couldn’t join."
BYMDP Cohort 1
"The methods to calculate dividends can help to valuate a company properly through company track records than gut feelings to pick stocks is good knowledge. Willie was able to share the methods patiently and sincerely."
Brendon Ang
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Willie has given a great introduction to the world of fundamental analysis, and provides a lovely step by step guide to getting started. Lessons are well structured and highly interactive, with responses to questions that come up during the course to peppered with his advise from years of experience in the field."
BYMDP Cohort 1
Excellent bootcamp. Very clearly delivered. Lots of use cases & example for each topics. Also included homework exercises for us to apply what we learn.
Michael Teoh
BYMDP Cohort 1

But this is NOT for everyone, IF:

BYMDP Investing Bootcamp is currently closed

“One of the must join investment courses”

"The bootcamp is very informative. Suitable even for those who is just starting out on investing or a need to refresh. Willie shared many case studies and also homework to reinstate the understanding and learning. One of the Must join Investment courses."
Cerise Lim
BYMDP Cohort 1
"Really useful with practical tips, tools and wisdom! Also some goodies for us first batchies! Many thanks Willie!"
Camillus Yang